The “Family” Business just got an upgrade

Speakeasy Heroes is set in a parallel world to the Earth we know. Technologically and historically, the age is not unlike what we call the 1920’s. The biggest difference is weapons technology, which is stuck in the medieval era. Why didn’t weapons progress? Well, sometime before the renaissance super powers began to appear in the world. There was no need to develop gunpowder or cannons when all the ruling bodies had an army of soldiers who could summon fire from their finger tips. Much time has passed since these powers first appeared, but little is still known about how they work. What is known is that they make life a lot more interesting.

This campaign is set in a parallel New York and follows the story of a group of clinical drug trial test subjects who get caught up in events initially out of control. Warring mobs, Federal agencies, and possible drug poisoning is just the beginning of their story…

Speakeasy Heroes

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